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Services at a glance

We walk the process together.

For over 30 years now, we have specialized in Packaging and Contract Packaging – especially in the medical and pharmaceutical Sectors. We are used to working at the highest quality level here. In the meantime, however, our range of services extends far beyond the classic packaging of medical devices and high-value goods.

Contract packing with 100 % quality.

You want to pack something?

We’ll pack it. We’ll pack it.

The Core Competence of the Erdt Group is Contract Packaging – also called kit packaging. This refers to the packaging of medical products such as blood glucose meters in various versions and for a wide range of markets and users.

Among other things, Erdt populates trays for IVD products and labels reagents for DNA tests by machine and by hand. Furthermore, UDI Labels can be created and processed manually or fully automatically. Barcode Verifications are possible in addition.

Important to know: Erdt stores and packages both refrigerated Goods (two to eight degrees Celsius) and hazardous Materials. The process environment of the entire packaging is validated and qualified.

Rework Orders are also part of the spectrum: Erdt replaces items, extends runs, performs 100 percent inspections, or disassembles kits to return goods to stock.

Erdt is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. Regular internal and external as well as customer audits ensure comprehensive quality management.

To ensure high quality, Erdt employees are trained on the product before each order. Following the production of the order, they regularly draw random Samples of the manufactured kits, check them, and release them for sale. With the required certificates, such as the CoA Certificate (Certificate of Analysis), upon request.

The goods are delivered to customers‘ central warehouses or directly to clinics and patients.

kit-packaging fulfillment
konfektionierung kit-packaging
kit-packaging quality Zertifikate

Wide Range of Options
in High Quality

Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

We offer a wide range of services and specialize in medical and pharmaceutical products.


For you, we can handle not only the simple products, but also the products that need great care and a great deal of responsibility.

Highest Flexibility

We are constantly developing and breaking new ground with our customers.
We are adapting to find the right solutions.

Highest Quality

We work with great care and deliver the highest level of quality. Our goal: high quality, happy customers and employees.

We store & ship your

Incoming goods, storage, and shipping – Erdt has 14,000 m² of logistics space for 12,000 pallet locations available.

The Green Logistics Hall, built in 2013, has a conditioned storage area (two to 30 degrees C) and a separate refrigerated Area (two to eight degrees C). Good to know: Erdt’s own employees check all incoming goods and work according to the FIFO (First In – First Out) or FEFO (First Expired – First Out) principle. Erdt also ensures with regular random sampling that only goods are stored that are absolutely flawless.

We ship internationally. B2B and B2C. Parcels, packages, and pallets. Prepared ready for shipment with edge protectors or in boxes on request. With all freight forwarders and CEP service providers such as Schenker or DHL.

Erdt Produkt Service von oben


We do not only pack, but also store. Nothing gets lost to us in our rows of shelves with advanced digitalization and you also know where your products are at any time.

Lagerung Erdt Gruppe

Water Tank

Not only does our water tank have an environmental benefit by supplying the sprinkler system at the company's site, but it also looks cool.

Charging Station

As an environmentally conscious company, we also promote the use of vehicles with electric drives. Recharging is free for our employees.

E-Tankstelle Erdt Gruppe

Kit Packaging

Our employees at our production lines work with the utmost care to pack the products according to the customer's specification.

Kit-Packaging Erdt Gruppe

Refrigerated Storage

We also cope with special requirements. We offer cold storage from 2 - 8 °C with our cold storage cell and can thus ensure uninterrupted cooling.

Kühlzelle Erdt Gruppe


You have planned a visit with us? You can contact our reception during our opening hours which will assist you in all matters.

Green Logistics Building

Sustainability is a top priority for us. That is why we have equipped our company site with green electricity generated by our solar panels. We thus have enough capacity to supply our company and our services with in-house produced green electricity for a full year.

Incoming Goods

Unloading of the goods and incoming goods inspection takes place after the trucks have docked at our ramps.

Everything happens on-site with us. We take over purchasing of goods.

Erdt’s procurers take over the complete purchasing process: Whether it is medical devices, labels, folding cartons, or package inserts, Erdt has an international supplier network that customers can use. At the best price-performance ratio, of course.

Of course, suppliers are evaluated annually and meet the Quality Requirements of the Erdt Group, which is certified according to DIN ISO 13485.

Erdt also pre-finances the complete Purchase of Goods – if customers so wish. It is also ensured that there is always sufficient stock in the warehouse thanks to rolling forecast planning and make-to-order production. Hence, the supply chain cannot be broken. Erdt guarantees this.

Tell us your purchase wishes and conditions, please. We will take care of them.

Purchase of all single items

Material scheduling & supplier selection

Pre-financing of the single items

Over 60 million single items procured p.a.

Medical Fulfillment by Erdt

Medical Fulfillment

We of course master all processes in Fulfillment as a fulfillment specialist. From Receipt of Order to processing, pick & pack, Shipping and Returns. Inventory, drop-shipping, packing, and promotional shipping are also part of our standard service.

Medical Fulfillment Offer

From the order to reporting.

We adapt our logistics process to each product and meet all requirements.

Our Deliverables at a Glance

Order data validation based on 23 test criteria

Manual order correction, if necessary

Commissioning (picking & packing)

Transport organization (national & international)

Our ambition is to tailor our logistics processes to you and not to issue a predefined catalog that our customers have to fulfill. This is because fulfillment is different for every online retailer. Different articles, vendors, names, article numbers, stock types, etc. are part of our daily challenge.

Your Requirements

Here, it is important to work closely with the customer to find the smartest way to achieve very good performance and quality in order processing. We also try to meet the different requirements for picking & packing: Certain items are packaged separately, bundles & sales bills of material are created, or commercial invoices are attached for customs clearance

We Ship

We will pack your products in envelopes or boxes that we will provide or we will also use your branded boxes with your logo. We try to process the shipment very quickly after receiving the order. Our delivery performance together with DHL is outstanding. You are welcome to look at the Trusted Shop ratings of our reference customers. Each package receives an individual tracking number which allows you to see where the package is at any time.

Our Deliverables.

Do not worry about the return.

Returns acceptance & assessment

Repair / Preparation



Disposal / recycling

Returns Management

Professional and uncomplicated.

Each customer has different returns processes. Whether with RMA or return note: We receive the returns, identify the order, and check the items according to your specifications:

Was this item shipped to the customer at all? With exactly this serial number? What is the condition of the product? Then the returns are posted again, either for resale, as B-goods, or as defective goods. This principle also applies to returns: Performance and quality. Because the faster the customer receives feedback, the higher the customer satisfaction. Naturally, we will also provide you with a detailed returns report.

Data and information exactly where they are needed.

Data currentness is more important than ever in e-commerce today. Whether it is stock levels in the store and in merchandise management, or tracking parcels with shipping service providers. Timely collection and reconciliation of all data with each other is the key to success! Whether you want to realize a connection to your ERP system, to a special store software or to another, already existing system, our software can be extended according to your specifications by an individual interface developed for you.

E-commerce interface for any purpose

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